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Enjoy relaxing and picturesque vacation rental properties you’ll return to again and again.

Many years ago I purchased my first home in Southwest Michigan’s Harbor Country. For me, the home became a place to get away, a place to re-visit a simpler time that I was missing in the hustle and bustle of life. I treasured my time there and enjoyed sharing it with my friends and family.

Realizing how great it was to have a place to get away, I decided to make my home available for others to use. Quickly it became apparent that people felt exactly the way I did: they also needed a place to escape, to slow down, to regroup. Soon my place was booked year-around…and with so many people telling me their great stories about staying there, I wanted to find a way to share the Southwest Michigan experience with even more people. That was the beginning of WAYA Rentals.

WAYA Rentals was founded on the idea that what makes a vacation great is not just having a place to go, but having a place that feels like your second home. That’s our mission and that’s our commitment. Let us help you discover the beauty of Southwest Michigan’s Harbor Country and find the “second home” vacation of your dreams! We’re confident that it will give you as much joy as it gives us.

For the best in vacation rentals, remember WAYAWe Are Your Answer.

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